If you want your webpage to stand out, you are going to want graphics. A web page just isn’t a webpage without graphics. You will want to start with a background. Then you may want to add icons, clip art, etc. There are lots of links below for backgrounds, clip art, icons, etc. Be sure to save any graphics that you want to use on your own hard drive. Then upload the graphics to your own site’s server.


DO NOT link to the graphics on the server where you’ve found them. You will cause excessive hits on that person’s server and eventually, it will probably crash! If you are a Web TV user, you are unable to save graphics because you have no hard drive. Because of this, you’ll need to use the graphics Transloader available at http://on.starblvd.net.


After you gain a little experience at web design, you may want to try making graphics of your own. To do this, you’ll need a grapics editing program. There are many free programs available around the net but they usually aren’t very good. I suggest that you download the free 30 day trial version of Paint Shop Pro. It is very easy to learn the basics of this program.


If you’re not brave enough to create your own graphics at this time, you’ll need to find graphics from around the internet that you like. Below are some links to a few graphics sites.


Absolutely Animated Gifs

The Animation Factory

Awesome Clip Art

Barry’s Clip Art Server