Before you can post any web pages, you must choose a web hosting provider. You may already have some webspace that comes with your internet service package that you won’t have to pay any extra money for. If not, there are lots of free webspace providers out there but beware. You cannot use an outside program like Microsoft FrontPage on most of them to post your web pages that you have built.


Also, with the free webspace, your site visitors may have to contend with a lot of annoying ads and extra windows popping up that you don’t have any control over. You may not receive anything from the ads being on your page either. Weigh you choices carefully because it is sometimes difficult to change services later.


Be sure to read the whole member agreement as there may be something in there that you don’t like. Below are two lists, one with free webspace providers, and one with pay webspace providers. A better offer may now be available as these providers change their services frequently.





Angelfire – have heard some bad things about this one.


GeoCities – will give you 11 MB of webspace and a free email address. They do offer FTP (File Transfer Protocol) so you will be able to use a program like Microsoft FrontPage 98. However, there are no FrontPage Server Extensions for using FrontPage’s extra features (like it’s built in counter program).


Tripod – offers 11 MB of webspace. Also offers templates for less experienced web designers.





GeoPlus by GeoCities – will give you 25 MB of webspace and a free email address for $4.95 per month. I’m not sure, but they may have the annoying ads and pop up windows even with this pay service. They offer a lot of extras such as cgi-bin support.


Internet Communications – offers web hosting for as low as $8.95 per month for 45 MB of space with an email account. They offer unlimited traffic, Microsoft FrontPage support, cgi-bin support, and many other features. This is the company that I use for my web hosting needs! Their servers are extremely fast and have proven to be reliable!


Pair Networks – hosting packages starting as low as 4.95 a month. Most have a limit as to how much site traffic you can have though.