If you would like to know how many visitors you have to your page and the frequency of them, you should add a hit counter. Below are some links for free hit counters. Some of them even offer site statistics. If you are an AOL user, click here for information on a special counter for use on your AOL web space. If you have Microsoft FrontPage, and you have a web server with the Microsoft Server Extentions installed, you can use a special counter program that is included with the program. I have created some counter images and placed them below.



(I use this one on one of my other pages)



Feel free to use the following images on your pages if you like. I only ask the following three things of you:

1. you save the image to your webspace.
2. you place a link to my site.
3. you don’t try to offer these counters in your collection.


More counter images will be added in the future.