Site promotion is one of the most important topics when it comes to web design. You can create the most spectacular page ever but you have wasted your time without site promotion. In other words, “What good is your page if nobody can see it?” Without site promotion, people will not know about your site and therefore they will not be able to find it. If you promote your site, people will be able to find your site and they will visit it. If you have created a good one, they may come again many more times. They may even tell their friends about your page. All this makes the hit counter go up and up! If you have banner ads on your site, this makes them produce more clicks which in turn produces more revenue for you!

One of the first things that you should do when you create a site is make a banner ad for it so other people can put it on their pages. This is free advertisement for you. You could also choose to pay certain companies to use your ad on their pages but it is not necessary. You should post this banner ad on your page with instructions on how to link to your page using it. Other people may ask you to do the same for their page in return so you may want to create a links page. The normal banner ad is a size of 468 x 60 pixels. For an example, my banner ad for this site is below. They are very easy to create with a graphics program. I recommend that you download the free 30 day trial version of to create your banner ad.

Sometimes, banner ads are not used or cannot be used. There are lots of pages out there that will only post plain text links. In either case, banner ads or plain text links, you should scout out other pages like yours that have links pages and ask them to add a link to your page. These links will help your site traffic increase tremendously.

Other than people seeing your banner ad or plain text link and clicking on it, most people come to your site from search engines. In fact, you probably came to this page from a search engine. Each search engine has somewhere on it to submit your page. When you find a search engine, just look for something that says “Add URL” or “Add Your Site” and then click on it. It should come up with a page that asks the name and address of your page. Several search engines also ask for you to submit key words or phrases. This will help people to find your site from the pile like a needle in a haystack. It may take several days for your site to be included in the engines site listing. Also, any search engine should be free. I haven’t ever seen one that wasn’t free. They make their money from banner ads shown when people are searching the engine. Before you go into depth listing your site in search engines, you should add Meta Tags. They will make your page come up before other pages and people will be able to find what they want. for a little more on Meta Tags and how to use them. If you use Microsoft FrontPage, there are two articles on how to add them using the program.

Now back to search engines…

There are a few search engines that are extremely popular. I have listed the ones below that I feel are the most popular. You should start by listing your site in these.

There are actually hundreds upon hundreds of search engines out there. If you want to earn more hits on your page, you can list your site in more of them. For a listing of over 400 search engines,

If you don’t want to submit your site by hand, you can have a company submit it to several sites for you. Some submission sites are free but most of them want you to pay a fee. Here is a listing of several submission sites. Trbet giris linki