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Don’t just surf the net.  Create some waves with the creation of your own home page!  Make your presence on the web known.



Hello there,

Welcome to my guide to designing web pages.  I have wanted to make a page like this for some time now but never had the time to do it.  I have had so many people ask me how to do this and that after seeing my other sites.  This should help everyone out now.


Please have a look around and if you can’t figure something out, I’ll try my best to help you.  My biggest suggestion to you would be for you to purchase Microsoft FrontPage.  This program has helped me tremendously.  You’ll be glad you did after you use this program.   It will save you lots of time and effort.


If you have a question that you think I may be able to answer, feel free to email me at  I’ll be glad to do my best in helping you out.  I hope that you will take on the challenge of creating your own home page for your friends and family to see.  It’s a very rewarding experience.   It’s turned into a full-fledged hobby for me!


If you like this site or find it helpful, please tell your friends and family about it.