Now for something different…


You may want to introduce Frames into you web pages. There are some situations when it just seems necessary. If you have several similar pages that may contain one image or one topic, this might make viewing the pages quicker for the page viewers. Below is a screen shot for an example of a frames page. Click on it to see how it works. It is part of one of my other pages, The RebaZone – Billy’s Reba McEntire Page.


In the left frame, you’ll see a small picture of each of Reba’s album covers. When you click each one of them, the right frame gives you a larger album cover and more information on the album. The window shown below actually holds three HTML files. Each individual frame has it’s own file. Then the frames page, which puts them all together, has a file. For a detailed explanation of frames pages and how to create them by hand with HTML, visit the HTML Goodies – Frame Tutorial.

If you want to make them much easier, I suggest that you purchase Microsoft FrontPage. It has a built in Frames page wizard.